Dental Marketing Crew is a collaboration between a long-time digital marketer and graphic designer. Having had several successful dental clients between them, they decided to join forces to help more dental practices with what they learned.

At Dental Marketing Crew our sole focus is on marketing dental practices. Through our proven marketing we get your dental practice more patients.

The short answer: It depends.
The longer answer: Implementing proper SEO at the beginning, most websites start displaying on the first page of Google and other search engines within 6-8 months of the initial set up being completed. This time frame varies based on how your domain is, the quality of SEO optimization and the quality & amount of competitor websites. For new domains it will also depend on how long it takes for the search engine to establish authority or the relevancy of your website.

If you have a listing on Google Maps already, attempt to claim it. If your practice doesn’t have a listing on Google Maps, you can add it using Google My Business.

There are multiple ways to promote your dental practice and attract future patients. The first step in online promotion should always be a mobile responsive, user friendly, conversion focused and fully SEO optimized website. This is where all online efforts (and many offline efforts) should point prospective patients to and will give you the greatest control over what a prospective dental practice client sees.

The next step is establishing your dental presence online on the various social media platforms. The main social media platforms are Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. 

Finally, a high-quality video of the doctors and staff introducing themseleves to prospective patients is key. This video where you and your staff introduce yourself, talk about the benefits of joining your dental practice family, what you & your dental team have done to help the local community and share any other feel-good topics. This video should be posted on the home page of your website and can also be shared across all social media platforms.

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